Christobell Misschief is funny and clever; she can immediately establish a positive relationship with whoever she is working with. Chris is incredibly sensitive to a persons needs, she is able to adapt to any given situation in a caring appropriate fashion.

Watching Chris in action is inspirational not only is she incredibly talented but a sensitive caring lovely woman, who is an asset to who ever she works for.
I highly recommend Chris for any role working with children, young people and adults.

Clown Round - Project Officer
Suffolk Artlink

I would recommend Chris to work in any school... she sets up, gets on with it and before you know it you see your children juggling on stilts and confidently performing whilst importantly HAVING FUN!

Sarah Gallagher head of Rendlesham Primary School

Chris has a wonderful, spontaneous sense of humour and oodles of energy. Appeals to both adults and children - she has the ability to turn an everyday activity into a fun experience. She gets alongside the children, differently from other 'clowns' who merely put on a show without the 2-way communication that Chris is so good at. Even children who are fearful of strangers feel at ease with her. Troubles are put aside for a few hours while Chris the Clown is with us and she lightens everyone's day."

from Sanchia at Eye Opportunity Group