What I Do

Chrisalis Clowning is committed to the high quality delivery of:
Interactive workshops in
Clowning: Clown schools are great fun for all ages. We use red noses, dressing up, games, exercises, improvisations, music and clown tricks.

A selection of masks are used to help release emotions, to explore different personas and to free people up physically .

Bubbles: I have a giant bubble wand which when conditions are right is both captivating and magical. I also use the bubble extreme which enables a person to be inside the bubble.

Circus Skills: I have enough equipment for a class of 30 or lots more people coming and going at a village fete. Skills include : juggling with scarves, balls and clubs, pedal goes, fun wheels, unicycles, devilstick/flower stick, plate spinning, stilt walking, cigar box and hat manipulation, ribbon twirling, feather balancing, balloon modelling, slack rope walking, big bubbles and co-operative games.

Workshops are adapted to the needs of particular group I’m working with and can be structured or informal or a combination of both depending on the event or environment. All ages and all abilities are welcomed. I have BSL sign language and a youth and community certificate as well as full public liability and crb checked.

Playfully creative clown presence at an event or occasion
• Clown walkabout

• Clown around creating a colourful atmosphere of fun, joy, wonder, silliness and smiles.

In the hospitals and hospices I am known as Dr Christobell Misschief (Sparkleologist) whose mission is to boldly go where no sparkleologist has been before, beneath the blows of bubbles, the rings of bells and the shrieks of squeakers to reconnect, release and unleash trapped smiles,bottled giggles and extreme silliness with as much mischief and mayhem as is clownly possible to discover the lost sparkle!